Drifted Away

We met when we worked together about 12 years ago. We shared our hopes, fears, dreams. Met up regularly and had fun.

About 6 years ago I moved to another job and moved away....only about a 35 minute drive away. We met up a little less frequently but still phoned, emailed and texted a lot. Multiple texts a day to see how the other one was doing and to chat. in short we knew everything about each other and shared our worries.

She met a guy a few months ago. I've had friends dump me before as soon as a guy comes into the equation. Somehow I thought this friend would be different. This is a friendship that's been going for over a decade and we aren't kids anymore.

But no...I was wrong. At first I began to sense the texts were less frequent, the phone calls ended more quickly - she would say she had to go after a few minutes cos she was busy. I went through a really tough patch earlier this year. I was a victim of crime (theft), had some health problems and issues at work. I needed a friend. My friend ignored me. If I tried to text about a problem, she wouldn't reply. She'd just ignore me. If I tried to phone she'd end the call quickly. We were going to meet up but she was busy and could only 'pencil me in' for an afternoon out 6 weeks in advance! She didn't want me to come to her house.

Now she doesn't even text me any more. I haven't had a single message from her for the last 3 weeks. Just utter silence.

It hurts. A lot.
bluebell78 bluebell78
Jul 24, 2013