I had this friend for several years whom I loved dearly. We had our falling outs but always came together again like new. Our last falling out was literally our last and she hurt me deeply. She didn't want to accept my significant other. She admittedly had no reasons just a "feeling" and she was going with it. I have always been understanding of others and tried to work around it but eventually I realized anything going on in my life wasn't important because I couldn't share it. She wanted me in all of her life events but she took part in none of mine. I cut ties with her and never looked back. Tonight I was celebrating my sisters birthday and my sisters best friend was exactly like her. She physically resembled my old friend and even had her sense of humor. My hearts hurt deep as I remember all the good times before the bad. At the end of the night I felt sad and missed my old friend but I know that chapter in my life is over. Once you hurt my heart is hard for me return.
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everyone deserves a second chance... time heals every wound and for sure soon she'll realize what she have done and what a good and kind friend you are and she'll regret it.