My Grandfather

I lost my favorite person in the world to cancer.  For the longest time the doctors said they didn't know what was wrong with my grandfather.  It was cancer.  It was the hardest thing I have ever been through.  I was my grandfather's birthday present, being born the day after his birthday.  We did everything together and he was the one person who was always there for me, who loved me for me and stood beside me.  My parents were young when I was born and growing up my grandpa always felt like my dad and my mom and dad were like brothers and sisters.  I have a lot of wonderful memories of my grandfather that I would not give up for anything in the world.  He helped make me who I am today. 

My one regret, and he and I spoke of this when he went into the hospital.  I wanted to be there, I was always there when he went in.  However, I was about to buy a company where I live 6 hours away.  He told me to stay there.  We talked every day one the phone up in the night.  We shared so many stories and I know he loved me and I know he knew I love him.  He passed away 5 days before we closed on the company (I was working for the company I bought).  It was such a shock even though I knew he was dying.  Grandpa was suppose to live forever.  He was a small man, shorter than I am, skinny but so kind and loving.  He was grandpa to all my friends growing up and was suppose to live forever.  I still miss him and probably always will but I have my memories and his love.  I hate that he missed my wedding this past May.  That was the hardest thing to go through.  I always dreamed, as a little girl, that my dad and grandpa would give me away.  The holidays are so hard without him and I hate the thought that any children I may have won't get to know him in person only by my stories and memories that I will share.

If you still have your grandparents, love them, make time for them, learn from them.  They need you as much as you will realize that you needed them.

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1 Response Nov 5, 2007

i no how hard it is my g-pa passed away a couple weeks ago and i was with him when he died he wanted to die at home and didn't want any treatments and i no hes in a better place now but i miss him so much