This is one of those that I wrote earlier than deleted. I don't think I can write it again. Sometimes it's best to just get things out, then delete. It's part of the healing, for me anyway. But it's such a huge part of me that each day I think I'm ok, then something happens and I'm back to square one. I can't fake happy about it anymore, it kills me.

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It's ok, I can imagine many would think it was about a guy.<br />
<br />
Thanks x

I am so sorry. How deep that pain must live inside you. Courage in the darkness, friend.

You lost a baby? I am so sorry. Here, I read your story thinking it was about a guy. I'm sorry.

thank you x

Thank you, I know not everyone knows.<br />
<br />
I will when the time is right

Sorry for your lost of a child. Some guys, like me, lose the point of the message. Please either try again, or help other children by adoption.



I lost a baby, I can cope with losing a lover. <br />
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Thanks though

Friends of mind told me that losing a loved one, because they split for another lover is hard to accept. After nine years of good time with my gf, she split for another. Guess I waited to long to commit my life to her. Anyway, my friend said that she is like an addiction, like drugs or booze, and will take a lot of time, one day at a time to rid the addiction. Keep working on finding someone else, and stop trying to reconnect with your X-lover, it an't going to happen as it use too.

I live with the biggest reminder of it, and I hate it. I guess it's just a bad few days.

Ahh.... Lala it still hurts and I will be honest with you, it maybe something that you never really get over but that you are able to still move forward with your life and painful as it is try to start again..... Easier said than done but it can be done..... It will always be part of you but it doesn't define you....