I Still Feel Like I Lost Something Though.

This is just a letter to someone to vent.  It will not mean much to anyone else!


I have to admit, I fell for your act.  it was because I was falling for you, not because you were that great of an actor.  I thought you meant that you were there to listen and care.  I thought you liked the fact that I would spill my heart out to you. 


I thought the times we shared were real, the pleasures genuine. 


Now, I think back and realize that the love you professed for me never existed.  You could have inserted anyone in my place in our friendship and said all the same things, made all the same promises. 

You are not the first person to hurt me, but you are the one I had the highest hopes for.  Now, I worry about myself.  Am I that bad a judge of character?  Can't I see what's in front of my eyes?  Deep down I am still that naive girl searching for love and caring, despite the wall I have up. 


It's time for a change. 

patchworkofmistakes patchworkofmistakes
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thank you SomedayMaybe. I have a huge wall up now but hopefully it will come down someday.

Thanks NancyDrew....I am sorry it happened to you, also.

I am sorry this happend to you.

Thank you....I hate that I always take the blame even when other people hurt me! I always feel like somehow I should have known!