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i have lost many to cancer two grandfathers a grandmother and a great grandmother, friends, an uncle what a horrable thing to get cancer i watch them slowly die before my eyes but they never showed fear in the knowlage that they were dieing i never said good bye because i beleive that there never truly gone they are just making a jouraney to are true home in the spirit would and they are still with us watching us, helping us, guiding us, loving us, protecting us, and listening to us they aren't gone there still hear you can't see them right but don't worry one day you see them again and if want to talk to them just talk there hear you and some times they answer you and choose not to remember them when they where sick and in pain but i choose to remember them as they where healthy and full of life laughing enjoying life but you most be happy for them i know this sound offal but it's not a time to be sad but joyful because where there at there no more pain no more sickness but now they enjoy a inmortale life wetch we all one will enjoy with them i hope this help some of you. 
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losing people you love is hard. what you described just now is showing us that death is the end of "The Journey" of Life and the real fact is that we all will have to go.

i hear what your saying but death isn't the end of a journey but the start of a new one we are all called home at some point death is the start to the journey home and you well live in a better place with an immortel life free of pain and sick that's what i was saying.

I know what you are saying maybe death is something we all will have to face. maybe this not something we should talk about because of this is scary to some not me because i am seeing this happen a lot. this does make us strong.

i see well the more we talk about the less scary it becomes they need not fear it i've been to the other side well both of them i know whats there so you mit say i'm kinda a guid to some of this but there are other guids to there are around you need not fear god sends them to help when needed.

You seem to have a very insightful POV... (I like the way you think!) :)

Deeply sorry for your loss..indeed they are watching over you every single moment..your guardian angels.

I'm so sorry you lost a loved one to cancer. It is such a terrible disease. I lost my beloved Mother to lung cancer it was awful.......to watch helplessly as she went from a vibrant bubbly woman to being ed-ridden & in a wheel chair. I miss her with all of my heart!!!

Thank you for your post . l wish l had known this truth at a young age! although l was a church going Christian l still thought the dead were dead for eons! and l grieved dreadfully when my grandparents died.Then l died myself briefly but long enough to realise 'it is only the physical body that dies! animals as well as human's are pushed out of the body once it dies and the spirit travels into another existence!!, l did not care what happened to my body once this happened to me, but l had to come back into it reluctantly. But l am no longer afraid when the next time comes for my body to die!.