Missing A Piece Of My Heart.

I'm 13 and i lost my dad to suicide 2 months ago he was my best friend and now 'm missing him alot and it feel lonely with out him when i found out he passed away it was a like the whole world stoped he would have never done this if he didn't drink that first shot of achol now i have no dad be cuz of that sometimes i wonder how im i going to live with out him cuz hes never going to see me grow up so i really need someone to talk to :(
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hello. i too have lost my father to suicide i have a younger sister who uses my account alot shes 14 if you ever need to talk about anything im sure she will love to tlk to you. :) nobody is alone

Hello i'm finding myself sat here trawling the internet looking for answers after my partner and the father of my 14 yr old daughter decided to take his life last week,you feel you are the only one and these things happen to other people. It's comforting reading these stories and knowing there are in fact many others out there who have also walked our horrible path . I find it very hard for my daughter she is only 14 yr old who loved her Dad so very much i still cant understand why or how he could leave her .. To think we will never ever see him again just does not seem real . My heart goes deeply to those who have lost loved ones to sucide it's one crazy experience like a non stop rollorcoaster . Love to all of you who have been where we are now i know EVERYTHING you are feeling ,but maybe someone could tell me it will be ok in the end ? xxx

you know it helps to have a therapist to make shes ok and not wanting to do the same just to be with her father i was like that the first couple of months but i understand why i need to be here for my mom and my family its been awile since hes passed and i have learned to accept hes gone and i cant do anything to bring him back if u may know you sit there and go thorugh what if's like what if i was there to help him but just tell her and yourself that there is nothing we could have done to save him cuz it happens everwhere in the world 24/7. ive had to grow up so fast ever since he died and its not the best being the one who has to do all the manly work when im not a boy cuz my mom has almost died from high blood peasure and ive been through a lot and make sure your daughter knows you can talk to her when ever she needs to talk or anything cuz i didnt know that till my mom talked to me and no of us could understand why our loved ones could leave us in an instant I PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING WILL BE OK IN THE END! i really hope this helps you and i am very sorry for your loss please for me always keep your heads up no madder what cuz hes smiling down at both of you now :')

Neird, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I too lost my father to suicide when I was fairly young(19). And like him, alcohol was involved. It is an extremely difficult experience to go through. I was angry at him. I yelled at him for leaving me all alone(my mother had died 5 years earlier) and then I felt guilty for yelling at him. Guilt, next to the pain of losing someone I loved so much was the worst. I felt guilty for not being at home more, and for not making him feel he had something to live for--it was rough.<br />
I'm not going to tell you that the sun will come out tomorrow and everything will be rainbows and butterflies, but I will tell you that it gets better. Eventually, the pain lessens and you learn how to live your life without them--you really do. It may seem impossible now but you will. It just takes time. I hope you have supportive family and friends to help you through this awful time. I couldn't have done it without my friends for sure. Therapy may be the last thing on your mind, but it can really help. I've gone off and on since my mother died and it's nice to have someone to talk to. A safe person who isn't a family member, who isn't there to judge. A person who has been trained to help people deal with the crap that life hands them. Either way, I send you healing energy for your dear broken heart to mend. Also, it might be helpful to read the post that edgargeorge wrote about her husband's suicide--it's amazing and helpful. Take care.

thank you so much it means alot and i am very srry for your loss

I didn't grow up with my father, I rarely see him. But my stepdad was the best father anyone could have. He was my best friend, and i looked up to him. But he also took his own life two years ago when I was 14.. it was the hardest thing ill ever have to go through.
Just remember, this happened for a reason, and you are SO strong because of it. This made you the person you are today, and made you be able to help people that experienced the same thing.
If it wouldve never happened to me, i would not be typing this to you right now..
You are strong. Don't forget*.