Tom Pizzuti

My father...he shot himself in the head last friday. 5/18/2012. He was my best friend, a gentle man, a funny person. A talented guitar player. He was 59 years old and too young to die. He was depressed, so depressed he could not urinate, probably due to anxiety, and he had to be catheterized. His insurance refused to pay for a 30 day treatment center and his psychiatrist dropped him because they believed his suicidal nature had become a liability. And because he was non compliant to their instruction to be put into a 30 day program, which his insurance would not cover. He was crying for help. He begged the psychiatrist not to drop him, but they just said "Stop calling after business hours or we will have to start charging you." I love you dad. You did no deserve to be so unhappy. May those who ignored your pleas get what they deserve.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

My dad died 3 months ago he shot himself in the head to my dad suffered through depression, and ADHD, acholism. I know what you are going through its though cuz it dont feel real if you really need someone to talk to go to a therapist it actually helps a lot im still in therapy and i barley found out i might have adhd but it sound like your father was a very good man and i am very sorry for your loss

I spent my high school years with your Dad. I have many great memories of him teaching me gutar, water skiing in Candelwood lake and just hanging out. He was a good friend.