Cast Out..

If you spent two days with me, you will learn there are two people in this world I hold higher than most.
You will hear of Meagan. My best friend of almost 6 years. Our escapades, and our future plans.
Then, you would hear of Eriq. My cousin. My other best friend. And the story that made him nothing more than a memory.
This, is about how I lost the latter.

I was a different child. Always picked on because I was overweight, or my hair was funny. So, I would sit in the back, and just do what I was told to do by the teacher.
I quickly grew to hate myself. I was lonely, and not very well looked after. I had no siblings, no friends, and my mother was more focused on her up-coming wedding than she was on her only daughter.
This was in elementary school. I'm going to fast forward now to just a few years ago. I was living with my father and step mother, and I was in 8th grade.
I was dating a guy down the road, and he was close friends with a distant cousin of mine. So, I spent time with him.
He was unique. He guarded me. He took care of me. He was one of my few friends.
We grew extremely close. And one day, he introduces me to his boyfriend, Jacob.
I thought they made the CUTEST couple.

Time went by, and he decided to come out to the rest of our family.
Our family, is nothing but closed-minded rednecks who hates anything NOT normal.
So, of course, they didn't accept him, and judged him, and everything.
I suppose he got fed-up of this.
On May 17th, I went over to Jacob's apartment, where he was, and talked to him about lots of things.
He smiled, and acted normally. But, was rushing me out of the apartment.
I suppose he waited for Jacob to go to work, and he hung himself.
Jacob waited a week to call and tell me.
I felt betrayed.
I felt.. hurt.
They wouldn't even let me attend his funeral.
And, if I ever want to see his grave, I have to sneak off to Oklahoma... and pray that Jacob wants to go..
I realize it's been a while since he did it.
But, I never had many friends (Thus, the relevance of the first paragraph)
So, I held him dear.
I'm just angered at what closed-mindedness can do.
MallaryNicole MallaryNicole
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2012

Too many people live their lives judging and ostracizing others without taking a look at themselves. It's OK not to agree with another's decisions and actions, it's NOT OK to treat them badly because of them. I hope you find healing from this...