When my grandma passed away my grandpa was heartbroken...he packed him and his dog up and moved to the country to live in isolation. My family tried to visit him as much a possible but between work, school and just life in general, we just didn't go up to see him enough as I think we should have. This man was my world as a little fall asleep together watching jarassic park and sit on the kitchen floor eating ice cream, we'd go on walks and take trips to the beach and we shared a passion; animals. I remember sitting at the table and cutting out pictures of animals and making posters, he'd tell me random facts about them...I loved that :')
But when my grandma passed after a long struggle with cancer my grandpa changed...he became angry, he had worked to hard to keep her with us, we made a garden, he got a therapy dog for her, he stood by her side and she still passed...and I grew up and lived life. We'd go up to visit him and his dog Sam during the summer and pick raspberries with my step mom. But over the last year Sam died...the dog bought to heal my deseased grandmother, lived a long life and passed of old age. My grandpa was left alone again...I think he felt that when Sam died my grandma was finally really gone to him and he shot himself..unable to live alone anymore my grandpa ended his life.
RIP papa <3 we love you
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im sorry for your loss i to lost a loved one to suicide its a really hard thing to deal with your story made me cry i am very touched by it !!!!

Awww thanks :) that really means a lot to me.

your welcome im here if u ever need someone to talk to i know i dont know your personally but i still have a hard time dealing with loosing my loved one and sometimes it helps to talk to others who can relate !!!

Ill definantly talk to you about that :) if you ever need someone to listen to, I'm always here! Add me to your circle

I also have lost my grandfather to suicide after my grandma died. I'm also a college student who didn't have enough time to my schedule to see him as much as I'd like before he died. nice to know other people share my experience.

Yeah...its not easy :( life can get overwhelming and its only normal to feel somewhat responsible for your part by not seeing them. At least for me

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