Time Is Precious

Time definitely is precious for us. And I didn't realize that before my cousin died..

This day I had a great time being with my classmates and celebrating our Teacher's Day. It was all fun. Until when I was home, like 7pm our neighbor sent us a text message that Samuel is already dead. Sad and having mixed emotions right now I don't know where to express it. He was just 5 months in the womb of my aunt and he was killed because of the drugs or alcohol my aunt was taking. My mom went back on our country for a vacation. and my aunt, I don't understand why she did that because one day when my uncle came in to my aunt's house he saw a some kind of medicine (like a juice or liuid stuff) to help abort/kill a fetus. That's when my mom got angry at her and spoken to her and kept asking why she is doing it. They went to the hospital to see if the baby is alright and the result was good, my aunt then asked an apology for doing such thing and mom forgive her and everything was ok. That's what I thought, mom went back to Japan, it's the end of her vacation here... A few months past ( 2 months to be exact ) now, we found out that my aunt resumed aborting her baby and this day she gave birth to a dead baby.

I love my aunt dearly, but now I lost respect at her and I don't know if I would still want seeing her again. It's quite a little time God had given to us Samuel, but we did had good times together even your still in the womb of your mother. We are sad that you didn't had a chance to glimpse on this world, live longer and grow. Even so, we are also happy that you became a part of our family and finally you're with God.. We will always love, miss and remember you for all eternity. ~ REST IN PEACE DEAR SAMUEL
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i feel for you