My Murdered Brother

on july 24 2012 i got a phone call that my brother is dead and i couldnt accept it. it wasnt until my mother said my cousin found his body and she came to see him faced down in a pit filled with mud. located behind someones house. in the trinidad new paper and autospy report it says he was shot in the arm which travled through his heart. the pistol travel from their into his head. as he was running away he slip into a pit and broke his neck. the hardest thing for me is not death itself but the fact someone killed my brother because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. he wasnt a criminal or a bad person he didnt deserve someone taking his life. thing a person will eer regardless of what he has done in the past. he didnt deserve to die like that. my brother suffered. the pain of losing a love one is one of the most painful thing a person will ever eperience.there is so many emotions you feel. one minute you think you can live with it the next you angry, sad,you feel sorrow, guilt, confused so many things. that pain and void never goes away. my brother took the love i had for him the piece of my heart just for him when he died. a part of me feels like its missing. my heart feels broken. every thing good i see or when i accomplsih the next stage in my life i can only think about the fact my brother will never get to experience that. he wont share a part in my life or any of the things good in life. this pain will never go away but i will have to move on. today is the 40 day of my brothers death. i cry so much everyday especially when im alone. everytime im alone i think about my brother it hurts.. i cant imagine if it was my mother or father they mean everything to me.

simplegirl18 simplegirl18
22-25, F
Aug 31, 2012