Fiction? No. Reality.

Murder. That's such a strange word. It seems to be a word reserved for works of fiction, TV Dramas and movies. Murder doesn't happen in real life, does it? Yes, unfortunately. Murder without motive, without cause, is such a confusing tragedy. A constant barrage of questions all centered around one, why, leave loved ones feeling lost, dazed and confused.

I never though this would ever happen. I never assumed I could lose someone in such a violent act. Not to mention a violent act without cause.

Thank goodness I have my hope, my faith, call it what you will. I know for a fact he is not suffering anymore. He lies asleep in death where nothing can cause him harm. Rest well little cousin James. We'll take care of your little girl.

Mello Mello 26-30, F 5 Responses Nov 25, 2009

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Wow. This is just tragic. I'm so, so sorry. ((hugs)) and prayers for his little one and all his loved ones who now have to deal with this.

Mello, *HUGS* sis.

(((hugs))) :(

Bless you!!!!!!

Thank you!

It was quite a shock...