Do You Ever Wonder What Your Life Would Be Like If...

I wonder some times what my life would have been like if I had made some different choices. When I married I wanted to stay married for ever & did not want to be married several times. I made a choice for my husband to never have any children and to never go on with my real estate career after I got my real estate license, because my husband had all of these what he called dreams but were really only obsessions. He never made any money working on his dreams but spent all of our money for years of our marriage trying to make the same dream of his work. It is too late for me to have children and a career in real estate, after about 20+ years of keeping my license current but never using, I let my license expire. I have an ok job but I know that if I had the support of my husband years ago, I could of had a great career in real estate. But instead I helped him thru out the years with his dreams and watched my dreams go away. I wonder sometimes how my life would have been if I had not supported my husbands dreams our whole marriage and just put a time frame for my husband to try his dreams and if they did not work out to get on with his life. I know that I could not have children because my husband spent all of both of our paychecks on his dreams. Now that I am in my 50's its too late to just say no. I love my husband but I sometimes wished I would have just said no it is time for us to live our lives and sometimes your dreams just don't happen. I think that I new that if I had said that, he would of left me to live out his dreams. But I don't think that he would of found another women to stay with him as long as I did and not be able to live her life but only thru his dreams. Just remenber life is so short. Don't wait till it is to late to live you life for yourself.
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May 2, 2012