I have nothing to say good about cancer.
My real mom who is currently in rehab was in prison while she was pregnant with me... so I was adopted. By an amazing ladie to whom I called mom. She never dated or thought she would have kids. Having me was a dream come true, so I was very very loved and spoiled. At 15 I found out I was pregnant and also my mom had cancer. She only lives a few weeks after finding out. I shouldn't say it so bluntly but the doctors took her life. She would not have passed so fast if the doctor wouldn't have done sugery. Doing surgery spread the cancer very fast. She drove herself to the hospital for sugery of friday morning while I was at school and came home on hospice friday night. She was unresponsive and didn't say much. She passed away that Tuesday September 2nd 2008. My daughter was born 26 days later who my mom named oliviah grace. I miss my mom terribly. She was so excited to meet oliviah and a really wish she could have.
rye93 rye93
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012