My Mother My Angel My Best Friend

Nine years have gone by since I have seen your face,. Nine years since I have touched you, hugged you, laughed with you and drove in a car with you. I miss you like crazy and each day does not get any easier. October 14, 2003 was the worst day of my life. My mother and my best friend was taken from my brothers and I from breast cancer. I cannot explain the pain we have all experienced. My stepdad was generous enough to take all three of us in and provide for us as my real father could not since he was incarcerated for as long as we can remember, The bad part is my real father has been in an out of prison and on the day she passed away he was not there for us he was not there for my brothers and I, it didnt take but a few months for him to go back to jail. To this day he will not talk about why he was not there and how much it bothered him to see us grieving while looking at us through prison bars. My mother and him did not have a good relationship, abuse; verbally and physically and drugs took over his life one day and havent stopped for 21 years. I feel for everyone who has lost a parent and I cannot even explain the pain to my friends when they ask me; "How do you do the things you do without your mother?" and my answer is even though she is not here and even though she does not tell me that she loves me I know that if I do things that will make her happy she will always be by my side. I am 25 now and all the things that have happened in my life did not hold me back from getting a Bachelors degree in Business and also being an independent woman for eight years now. MOM I love you and you will always be a part of my life in spirit. I know this may sound silly but I feel her sometimes I talk to her all the time and things happen for me to know that she hears me.
My heart goes out to all who have lost parents. Be strong and be successful for them!!
PinkRybbonRider PinkRybbonRider
Jan 20, 2013