My Mother Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer At 40

My mother was 40 years old when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. This was in 2000, I was 14 and my little sister was 13 at the time. We were in a car accident and need to be taken to the hospital were the emergency room doctor found the cancer. Within the next few months my mother had her left lung removed and did chemotherapy. They still only gave her a 16% survival rate for 2 years. It was devastating to all of us. But my mother proved her strenght and survived 8 years. The cancer spread to her brain, adrenial  gland, and her left kidney, she had 2 brain surgerys, did chemo almost continually for 8 years, did gama knife procedures twice, and did countless radiation treatments. She went through hell for 8 years, but she was a fighter. During those 8 years she got to see 2 grandchildren be born, my sons were 2 and 7 months when she died, the last thing she said was telling them that she loved them. During her finaly months we did home hospice care, she wanted to die at home around her family. The hospice nurse came once a week and my sister and I stayed with her around the clock. She passed away on my 22 birthday, her funeral was on her 50 birthday. She wante so much to see my little sister get married but never got the chance, she passed away 6 weeks before the wedding. Its only been 9 months since she passed, and im still having a very hard time, im crying as I type. This is the first time I have told this story, I guess I just needed to vent a little. You never realize how much you need your mom until she is not there anymore.

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Hi There

Your post really has hit home to me. my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer about 6 years ago, had her left lung removed where the cancer was. they said they got it all and she didn't need the cemo and radiation, we all believed them but two years later a tumor was found in her lymph nodes. we were all devastated. it took her awhile but she did come and radiation last year and the tumor shrunk and has not grown since. September of this year is when we found out the cancer has spread to her brain. I'm 23, she has seen both my kids be born and my husband and I just got married two weeks ago. I'm very close to her and want her to get treatment but sometimes I don't know if its worth it seeing her go through it again and if it would better her life. it just seems so unfair. sometimes I feel so alone and no one can really know hoe much it hurts unless you have been there, thank for sharing your story