Fu Cancer!

I lost my dad about 1 month ago to cancer. lung cancer. he didnt smoke. im sick of the stigma of this cancer. i spent too much time "educating " ignorant people. . i have realized in this time of misfortune.... who is there for me and who is not.  the not list is unfortuntely much bigger. people suck, especially relatives. a bunch of phonies.  i know everyone says this but my dad was the ******* coolest dad. i still have trouble refering to him in the past tense. i constantly remember all the cool things he said and did and it makes me love him more. in fact i think i love him more and more every minute which is probably why I am having trouble refering to him in the past tense. to all of you who lost a parent ................. i feel your pain. i am covered by a blanket of sadness. i cannot find my way into the light.

poppysmic poppysmic
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I also lost my mom to Lung Cancer. 11 years ago. I still do not refer to her in the past tense. She is living in me. My mom also did not smoke. What I have learned is that it is hard to diagnose "healthy" people.