I Lost My 1st Dog Chewy To Lymphoma When I Was 10 In 2004

I had my dog chewy which was a fullblooded cocker spaniel,i got him when he was just a small puppy,and when he was 6 yrs old my grandmother died of lung cancer,so it was a hard time in my life,and a week later we noticed he was acting kinda weird,he was always hiding away from us in our laundry room and we finally noticed that he had a knot on the right side of his neck that was really bothering him,so we took him to the vet and they told us the news and that he prolly wouldn't live much longer so they put him on pain medication and some steroids which made him gain his appetite back and gain alot of weight,he got all the way up to around 65lbs! And he was supposed to be kinda of a small dog! And he seemed to be doing better after that,but a few months later he started hiding and everything again,then he finally got where he couldn't even hardly stand without falling over,so we decided to put him down even though it was a really hard decision,but we didn't wanna make him to suffer anymore.So we put him down in january of 2004 He was 7 yrs old
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May 8, 2012