I have a sister named Tarah and always will. When Tarah was 18 she got pregnant with my nephew, Jonathan. Who is currently 12. Anyway Jonathan was not growing at the rate in which you are suppose to. So steroids were given to try and increase this. Unfortunately they also destroyed my sisters kidneys. She was on dialysis for 7 years until it was just not enough anymore. I watched my sister suffer almost everyday i can remember. In no way am i placing blame on Jonathan AT ALL. It was not his fault. Any mother probably would have done the same. I remember our basement having so many boxes of dialysis bags. I mean filled. I used to make forts. Everyday three times a day i would have to go down and get a green bag and a red bag. Then heat them up in the microwave and hook them up to the machine. I cannot imagine what she went through. So one day i get off the bus and was meet by my brother in law (at the time). He told me that Tarah had been taken to the hospital. Ok that was fine. We have been through this before and a lot worse. I mean seizures and black outs. Not fun. One night it was snowing and the power went out. My dad had to hook up the microwave to this tiny *** generator that really didnt do much. The bags didnt get warm enough but it had to be done. So she proceed followed by 4 seizures and almost biting her tongue off. Wow what a rough night. Fire department could barely get up the driveway walkingcause there was so much ice. That is just one of the many stories i have experienced with her. Tons of them. Anyway, this time was different though. He had this look. Then he said, "they dont think she is going to make it". I begged and pleaded to go to the hospital but my mom made me stay with my nephew at the house. About 20 minutes home i got the call i didnt want. I could barely look at Jon without tears flowing. He knew, he asked. He said, "my mom died didnt she". I couldnt even answer. I just shook my head yes and gave him a hug. She passed on September 25, 2007. She will always be with me.
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I'm so sorry for your loss