Awaiting At The Shore

Maybe the shores drifted with sudden urgency
collecting the  papers and  tossing them aside. Lost the sea cried.
I should have used a bottle and neatly rolled the
papers inside and sealed it with a cork.
Ah, but  computers can err ,
often retaining futile information and outwitting us
humans our work dismantled into virtual space.
A space where no man can tread for who knows the
hidden depths of these annoying machines.
They appear harmless at first glance intriguing
and exciting. Then you experience, Wipeagate,
information is immediately deleted before ur eyes
rendering u helpless and in a woeful state.
 Wipeagate is the new war in technology code name.ZXRC,
Computers enjoy irritating and testing the temperament of
an individual but now a lethal surge in mutiny has begun.
Computers are speculating on striking i.e. due to information
overload and their rights being unrecognised.
The complete shutdown of all information threatened 
by their central leader Q.
Who awaits the Ans.?


jophene jophene
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Wipeagate oh no i can clarify it's EPgate shoosh..<br />
to Epistle city these letters r hurled.