my first teacher I had when I started school she was the reception class teacher she was the most amazing person she was very sweet but firm she made you feel better when you were ill and you never really wanted to get a telling off from her,  she died on my 9th birthday I will never forget that day for as long as i live . I remember sat in assembly and we knew that she had been ill and I was sat there with my friends waiting for our head teacher to come in and address the school as usual, but it was the dupty head mr nixon that came in instead he delivered the news and my then current teacher Mrs lever was crying the entire school just broke down we were all in shock she was the type of person that made an impression on you well she made that much of an impression on me that i took her name as my confirmation name as a tribute to wonderful lady

myangel1979 myangel1979
36-40, F
Jun 26, 2007