I recently graduated from high school and am about to go off to college in a couple of weeks.

Whilst in high school i had no friends the first year because i was a transfer, so i sat alone, never ate in the cafeteria etc. Only this one girl, lets call her Gwen, who was sort of my best friend middle school but she basically ignored me the whole 3 years for her new "better" friends. But as a gift from god (i thought) another girl, Anna came to school the second year and we became great friends. But right before graduation she became wierd and started kissing up to this other girl. She randomly ditched me several times just to follow that girl and her other airheaded friends around. We are no longer friends.

Two other girls, we can call the Diana and Linda have been my friends since forever. Linda since junior high and Diana since like first grade. They went to the same high school and i went to a different one. Linda became a party girl with tatoos,push-up bras, boys and all that and Diana became the typical "popular-dumb-blonde-in-high-school-movies. All i see now is pictures from them on snapchat in hot clubs and trips abroad together. When ever i try to message or call them they ignore me of course. We are no longer friends.

I have many stories about people that have ditched me and even some of people that i have ditched because i was so tired of them treating me like sh*t, like only messages me on facebook when they need something, being racist, calling me fat, talking behind my back or only want to hang out when they need an "ugly friend" around guys to make them look better.

Now, as 19 year old woman i only have my bedroom walls as a friend, i never get approched by guys so i don't and never had a boyfriend and all of my so called friends ever in life have abandonned me. Life get so boring sometimes that i just sit in my lonehood and think, think of different ways of killing my self.
Oddgirl95 Oddgirl95
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014