I Lost My Uncle When I Was 8 Years Old

one very sad day me and my family was gone 2 church and my uncle got killed in a car reck he was ejected out of the car,,,,me and my cuz was sitten in the back of the church with our best friends and one of my other uncles come 2 that church and told my mom and my aunt 2 come outside and my cuz went outside with them and he told us  that my uncle was killed in a car reck....me and my friend went out there and I was talkin how much I loved my uncle and she told me not 2 cry and I told her I will try not 2 cry....I went 2 my other aunt and started 2 cry  my friend saw me and just walk away from me....My aunt had a panic attack and my cuz had 2 ride with me home.....and the stangest thing is my mom had a vision 3 months befor this and she told alllllllll of my family and they didnt beleave her and it happend,,,,,Yes I do miss my funniest uncle,and best uncle around died and I will NEVER forget my uncle....
love2singgurl love2singgurl
18-21, F
Jun 8, 2007