Why Do I Care So Much About A Friend I Don't Like?

This person is someone I have known for about three years. I first met him when I was a freshman at college, we used to hang out quite often, but it often resulted in an unpleasant experience. Right now we are both seniors. He was my closest and pretty much only real friend I had, yet he was often acting like a jerk. I always felt like he was trying to use me, asking me to do stuff for him like drive him around places even though he has a car. I felt like I was mostly taken advantage of. He claimed that friends help each other. Whenever I was in a situation where I needed help from him, he was almost never there to help me. Most of the time he said he was unavailable or made up some excuse. a couple days ago he told me he doesn't want to be my friend anymore because I was acting like an ******* and was a bad friend. That was because recently I didn't do all the stuff that he wanted to do, and I wouldn't agree to drive him around or do all of the things he wanted to do. I have very mixed feeling about my relationship with him. On the one side he always tried to bring the negative in everything I do and made me feel bad about everything, and on the other side I used to hang out a lot with him and I he was one of the few people I could open up to.

DG64 DG64
Nov 23, 2009