Lost Custody Of My Children Because Of A Bad Relationship Break Down

i lost my childrens almost two years ago because their father and i had a very bad break up and the social services said that i couldn't cope on my own. I tried so had and fought till i couldn't fight anymore their minds were made up and nothing i did seem to show them how much i love my children. but i am still going to fight till the bitter end till i know there is no hope left because until my children are old enough to find me i am going to do all i can to remind them who their mum is and how much i love them and no one is ever going to break that bond so the social services can't tire as much as they like because i know in my hearts of hearts that i will get my children back no matter how old they r or i am i will never stop looking
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

thanks for ur reply it is good to hear tht you had a good ending and it gives me hope tht the same thing can happen for anyone if they so their a good enough parent and i kno i can be. I'm very happy for u and ur son and ur story is very inspiring thank you again.

Stay strong and remember you must be together in every part of your life. Social Services can try to take them away physically from you but they can never destroy who you are to them. Keep fighting because when you think you've lost is the day you will realize you have won because you never stopped loving them. I can understand how painful it is not having your children with you because I went through the same thing. Losing my son then finally getting him back a January of 2009. I lost him December 2004. It took me five years but I finally won and I can proudly say I never gave up. I concentrated on myself during those years thinking on how much better I could be for him and show social services I could be a better mother. I could be someone who was responsible enough. I finally won and I am here to tell you that YOU WILL WIN!!!!! There is nothing like a mothers love!!! Do everything they ask of you and beyond!!! Good Luck!!