I Lost My Wonderful Babies

My storie is not like most... I got pregenate when I was 16... Got married when I was also 16... I was a young mother... My oldest son was 2 1/2 mos earlie... DSS was callin on me before my son came home from the hospital... H was born on August 19 but was suppose to be born on October 31... He came home from the hospital on October 31... DSS was in our lives from then on... We dont know who called they cant tell... Well shortly after I found out I was pregenate again... Our daugeter was born on September 5... 5 days before my birthday which is september 10... Well no more then 16 mos later we were blesses with our third child born on Jaunary 29... DSS is in our lives the whole time... Tellins us there is dog dropping on our floor... We didnt have any animals... We wanted to wait to get animals for when they were older... They said we locked our babies in there room... When they told us that we took the door knobs off there doors... Who ever was calling repeated the same thing over and over... Everytime they came out we would show no animals lived in the house and our kids rooms did not have door knobs on them so how were we locking them in there room... Well things be tewwn me and my husband got bad and he cheated on me,... I left took my babies with me... DSS steped in and gave him the kids... I was living in a women shelter... We went to court I proved he was unfit... By the time we went to court I had a very good job bring in 3,000 a month and a 3 bed room house everything in my house was bran new right down to the last dish... We went to court I did everything I was told to do... They said I did it all to fast didnt take it serious...It came to the last day of court... DSS said I had two choises... Sign my right or they take my rights.... This day was on my 24thh birthday september 10... I cussed everybody the judge almost put me in jail... My own lawyer quit on the spot... I was suppose to have one phone call a month court orders... I signed my rights over to my dad... He has my kids and his wife wont let me talk to them they are adopted now by my dad and his wife... She said she will put me in jail if i was to ever contact them but yet its court ordered I get to talk to them once a month.... The wife or my dad convinced him to not talk to his only daughter I have not had any contact with my father since... Im in pain... I cry all the time and it has been almost 3 years ago... I still try to hold on.... I dont know how much longer I can hold on...
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to all of you ,read human rights act (right to family life ) and read up on family law.

I was 16 when i got pregnant too. I'm 22 now and i lost custody of my daughter too. She is 4 years old and i took care of her all of her life. Her dad wasn't ever there for her. When i went into labor he wasn't anywhere to be found. The grandmother and him took me to court and took her away from me. Now all of the sudden he wants to be a dad. Now my life is destroyed. they ba<x>sed it apon the bad ex boyfriends i had in the past. But my daughter loves me she wants me. They told the court a bunch of lies that wasnt true about me just so i would lose custody. Now i don't have custody of her.I don't have a job or a place of my own and i have a medical condition. The father's grandmother has full custody and the father has partial. I have no idea where to go for help because i'm not giving up i'm getting her back one way or another. Im just glad i have support from my boyfriend and a little from my dad he isn't happy about the situation but he is gonna try to help me get my daughter back.<br />
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As for you, i wouldn't give up either. He deserves karma. And he will get it. As long as you are working hard enough towards your goal to get your kids back you will make some head way to achieve your goal of getting them back and there will be nothing he can do about it. And if especialy if you have nothing on your record or anyting. We all deserve our children. <br />
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If you wanna talk please email me. <br />

What job did you have making $3,000 a month? All you can do is hire a lawyer and try again....

I was a office manager... DSS said I was working to much how can i take care of my babiesif I work all the time... I was told after I sign my rights and they are adopted there is nothing I can do... Its driving me crazy I think about ending the pain everyday...