Hate My Mother Nd Baby Daddy

I lost custody of my twins when they wete 9 months old to there father my mother helped him was on.his side. They told the judge nothing but lies on me it was so.hard back up the talk they were saying.now my twins r 3 years old over years I seen.em less nd less idk if they know who am anymore its been hell for me im pregnant now nd I havent seen my twins in 8 months. Now there dad wants there last names changed nd its like he wants them to think I never existed.i got court again july 10 th.
Asheru Asheru
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 23, 2012

i hear ya....im going thru this hot mess right now...i made the mistake to move to another state, i got joint agreement. now the grandma, or baby daddy's mom is trying to take custody of my kid. she is a horrible person....i have done nothing but be as good and cherish my kid for as long as i know. it started when i wouldn't marry her son when i was pregnant. it has escalated worse in the last year. my daughter is going to be eight yrs old this weekend and the grandmother won't let me see her, nor my bb daddy. i moved back up here due to what my bb daddy said, i believed him. now he is moved back in with his mom, siding against me, for what? i ask myself over and over again. we already have a joint agreement. he is sleeping with the enemy, sort of speak, and he is going to get ******. I am in so much pain, to see my daughter cry and wishes she could live with me, she said she would be willing to talk with the judge. i dont want to put her in that position. i hope the best for you and your children. i cant imagine that pain and suffering. all i can tell myself is that i wont give up, not matter how long it takes.