New Happenings And Walk A Mile In My Moccasins

It has been quite emotional here lately. I have been trying to write down some thoughts all day but clarity has been unattainable. We just let our lawyer go and started direct communications with the ex's lawyer. My children's father is stalling as usual to communicate about anything and I found out yesterday that he has taken our daughter to the counselor without my knowledge, again. My daughter was very rude to me and in an attempt to be honest and communicate she told me that "I should be worrying" among other things. My ex mother-in-law who told me they would always think of me as their daughter and love me, well, apparently doesn't think that or love me anymore.

I am going to pick my children up from school tomorrow. We will see how it goes.
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wow! so you u lost custody through the divorce?

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We were divorced three years ago and have split custody all this time. He works an odd schedule and I decided it was best for the kids that we split the custody around his schedule. I knew it would be more detrimental to me but I figured it was best for the kids. I have them when he works and he can spend time with them in between his shifts, then he has a few days off in a row and that is his parenting time. So when I have them if it is not a weekend I still have to juggle work and home life and worked on Saturdays some too but he always has them when he doesn't have to work his main job. He makes 3 times what I do and only about 10 days a month is spent working. If he has to work a 2nd job I don't know why he would have to unless he is just over extending himself. He always did when we were married but all that money went into a "fund" that he used to buy guns or go on his annual Canada hunting trip. I think I can remember one time he used that money to buy something for "us", an air bed mattress but he got it in the divorce. No fight from me on that! ;)

yeah I bet. I know what its like to be married to mr. stingy.

he complained cuz i bought a queen size futon - total cost including a higher quality mattress around $1000 including a fee to have it delivered and put together. he didn't complain too much when he slept on it