Tales Of An Addict

I wasn't expecting to ever find a group or forum that offered support on this subject but either way I'm happy to have stumbled upon it. My story is long so I'm going to drastically shorten it. I'm the product of two addicts. Mom was an addict/alcoholic as was dad. Mom died when I was 11 from the cancer in her liver that was inoperable back in 1991 when there wasn't as much technology as there is now. Because of this, I steered clear of all drugs until I met my late husband. I had the same boyfriend from 15 to 20. he was my first love and first everything. we broke up 2 months after my daughter was born. then i met my husband. He got me a Percocet for my toothache. Got one for himself just because. Long story short we got heavily addicted. When the perks weren't enough we went to oxy contin. I lost my husband to an overdose in 2005, 8 months after our wedding. I found him. Instead of getting help I got worse. I met my current boyfriend/ex 2 years later. He knew nothing of my addiction. I would get clean then relapse. He got me prego with my 2nd daughter and I stayed clean until she was born and then relapsed. He finally found out And sent me to rehab. I found out I was pregnant with my third daughter during my 2nd trip to rehab. My bf kicked me out after I stole money after getting out of rehab. He wanted to abort her and I didn't. I was getting methadone on the street afraid to tell my dr. I came clean at my last appointment and he induced my labor. She was healthy as can be and 7.12lbs but addicted to methadone. My bf was irate. I chose to go to rehab and come off everything. While I was there he got emergency custody of both our daughters and convinced my 13 yr olds father to do the same. I was in treatment for both hearings and had no clue about them anyway. I come out after completing treatment and am told I have lost custody of all 3 girls. But I'm still clean. I don't know what to do since I have no home and no family. I'm clean but that's it.
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Hun I can tell you that there are services for mothers who have addictions and that help regain custody. I obtained my degree in addictions counseling in the state of Ohio, we had a program that was kind of like a half way house for mothers, obviously you maintaining your sobriety of utmost importance in regaining custody. However, start out small, start with visitation even if it is supervised as a matter of fact that is best so that when you go to court you have someone in your corner as to your ability to parent. Secondly, I am only telling you these things to help you, attend as many meetings as possible keep busy, between work, and meetings you can establish a steady schedule. Third, go to parenting classes. Although you may not need them, as many people don't the court looks very highly at those that do. They are free! Another way to keep you busy as well. Once you have established yourself trust me regaining custody will be high in your favor. Keep your head high, take it one day at a time, and know that right now you need to focus on yourself, addiction is selfish, so become selfish in taking care of you. I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help please don't hesitate to contact me. I too have lost custody of my children for a far different reason but I am empathetic to your situation. Remember there are resources out there all you have to do it ask!

Congratulations for getting clean that's a major first step.