I am a single mum and I live with my 4 year old daughter. I left my daughters father because he was an alcoholic, and was physically, emotionally, sexually and financially abusive to me. I have raised my daughter since birth and now the father wants sole custody of her. He has been sexually abusing my daughter for nearly 2 years now and I know this because my daughter has told me, she has the sexual knowledge that is just not appropriate to her age. DCP have been involved and have done nothing to protect my daughter but call me a malicious and vindictive mother toward the father. My Trial is soon and we will have a Expert in Child sexual abuse so hopefully this will help my case. I am just so petrified of losing my daughter to this ******* who flashes his money around like his some rock star, he has a very very good Lawyer and I only have Legal aid and these guys are just useless and they really do not give a **** that your fighting to keep your child just as long as they get their money. I am beside myself with worry as know one at all is believing me that my daughter is being sexually abused by her father. HELP
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I hope you have won,if not,please join the huge campaign group on FB consisting of thousands of mums and academics Barry Goldstein,Dr Phyllis Chesler,Dr Mo Hannah,Dr Michael Flood,Charles Pragnell,Dr Garland Waller and many,many more,globally. This is a global problem.

Make sure you have an excellent lawyer it doesn't matter how good of case you have it is the lawyer, journal and document.

I was that little girl that you speak off. What a sad story. I don't understand why people place money over the well being of a child. It sickens me, as an adult, to know that i was forced to remain in a toxic environment as a child. I pray that the court rules in your favor. Maybe your daughter can testify? Surely counseling can sort through it all, and theycan testify for her so its not to much for the young one

Hi thanks so much for responding my daughter has only had one verbal interview when she was 2.5 and surprise surprise she said nothing so it was concluded as being unsubstantiated evidence meaning no evidence was found that this child has been sexually abused which is just outrageous because what 2.5 year old is going to talk to two police officers in uniform