Losing It By Losing My One Child

Divorce is an ugly thing. I feel that 'divorce' should not be an option in this world. Just recently divorced and sole custody went to my ex-wife. I do have visitation rights, however, I am on an island in the pacific and my child is on the continental US. Haven't been able to speak to my child since July of 2012. If only my ex- wife can understand what I am going through. Does she? Why won't she let me speak to my child? I hope my son is doing okay. Is he healthy? I heard the flu was serious this time around. Is he eating well? How is he getting to school? Do his friends make fun of him? So many questions, so many tears....
Glad2bHuman Glad2bHuman
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

What a dreadful situation! I didn't live your pain firsthand but my brother did... and it hurts really bad. Losing custody of a child is simply awful. Did things get better for you since then? Were you able to see your son? Your story is very moving... Maybe you could share it with further details on a specialized website called parenthoodstories.com, where you could vent and hear from other parents that are going through the same ordeal... Good luck!

I Am so sorry to hear that we can talk if you want