Accused Of Witchcraft & Animal Sacrifice

On Sunday 3rd october 2010 my ex husband did not return my 13 year old son after a weekend visit. My son had written a note and left it on the table in the living room. It stated that he felt unloved and that he wanted to spend some time with his father.

I telephoned his farther and spoke to my son joe briefly. Me ex husband stated that there had been an incident at the week end, and he had phoned social services and reported the incident. He would not tell me what the incident was, only that social services would be in touch in due course.

On the Monday, I telphoned the police, who said that they would call round and make sure that joe was alright. I also got in touch with social services. They put a social worker in charge of the case and she said that she would interview joe and speak to my ex husband.

A few days later she telephoned to say that Joe had told her ncidents of witchcraft and animal sacrifice. Obviously I strongly rejected the accusations. She said that they would have to investigate the allegations, and that i would need to get a solicitor.

I did get an appointmeny with the solicitor and the case went to couirt, but was not heard until December duer to the investigation by social services.

Joe had also written a statement to CAFCASS, but the would not allo my solicitor to see a copy of the statement, we had to attend a further court hearing without knowing the full allegations.

Eventually six months later after several court hearings we managed to obtain a copy of the statement alledgedly written by by son. CAFCASS were concearned that there were a lot of adult words used in the statement but no one oculd prove that it had been dictated by my ex husband.

My solicitor requested that Joe be examined by a psychologist and a psychiatrist to make sure that there was nothing organically wrong with him. The case continued into February 2012. By this time Joe was almost 15. Due to his age the court decided that Joe was old enough to decide where he wanted to live and how often, and what type of contact he would have with me.

I was told by my solicitor that i was fighting a losing battle. From the beinning of the case my ex husband had tried to get a no contact order by stating that he feared for Joe's saftey. (I have never even slapped him) and Joe was saying that he did not wish to see me or speak to me on the telephone. Finally I decided that I could not continue with the case as it was not going anywhere and just going round in circles.

I have not seen Joe since 3rd October 2010, but he does text me from time to time. However i am being excluded from his live. I wonder if there is any way i can stop this dealock without ging to court, and if there is any point in the existance of CAFCASS at all.
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What a sad state of affairs. I'm truly sorry that you have to go through this crap. People can be so spiteful. Not sure about UK laws, but in the US, both sides (by law) are privy to *all* information being presented - which in effect is called "discovery". During this time, all supporting documents, evidence, etc is to be presented to the other party so they can prepare their legal maneuvering for the trial. I'm pretty sure that would be the case as well in the UK b/c all parties need to 1. be aware of the evidence being presented and 2. need time to argue it's irrelevancy, etc. Best of luck and I hope that you can rest well knowing that your son Joe is being coerced to spite you.