Never Know Who You're Friends Are

I was never depressed sad or mad about I'm just real lonely now but anyway I'm 15 and I went to high school in the begin of the year from a new school no one knew me but within days I everyone in the school knew me I was on the football team and was friends with everyone on the team but that's when it started 92% of the team was pot heads most people at the school was but anyway I stayed away from it I was best friends with both of the real gangster I had over 150 friends I was in a lot of groups and keeper the 4 friends from the old school in January a lot happened without warning one of those gangsters got worried that since I'm not involed in drugs or pot I would get them in trouble so he asked me too keep a bag for him he was going to sell it do without thinking I said yes well it turns out before that class he told the drug cop I had a bag of pot on me I got kicked out of the school and almost arrested over bull **** I don't talk to anyone at that school and it took months to find the few I got now
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May 8, 2012