Floating Away

I'm about to lose most of my High school/Life-long best friends. I won't be seeing them for months and years... I wish to turn back time and be a High schooler to be with them again.. This story is all about my friends who are slipping away from me..

Let's call her *Pap, Pap got pregnant on our Senior year by her Boyfriend (whom I think didn't finish college but has a steady job by that time.). When she told me she was pregnant, (I think) the baby in her womb was 2 months. She thought I'd be mad at her and never talk to her again, but as a friend, a supportive friend, I stand up for her, supported her and guide her. She gave birth last August 2008 to a baby boy. Before Pap got pregnant, her life was okay. Middle class family. Her parents is always there for her, her needs were given. Presently, I visited her house last summer (2010), I'm with my other friends. I was disappointed what her life become, not that I'm pissed at her boyfriend (they got married when Pap gave birth, Pap was 19 and her hubby is 20+), its just that. The life she's living right now wasn't the life we expect her to had. Her house now is too small to start a new life and her hubby is still looking for a steady job. BTW, Pap is a smart girl. She's so good at Math. Yet her life turned out differently because she got pregnant and gave birth at such young age. Since she gave birth, she's so focus at her life being a wife and a mom (I don't say its a bad thing), when I text her or visit her, I don't feel like talking to her cos she changed, a lot.

Another friend of mine, let's call her *Anne, Anne is a very cheerful girl. She's 3yrs older than me, when we were in High school, we're inseparable. After our Senior graduation, she don't talk to me much. No more late night textings or calls. And hen we plan to meet, she either make excuses to bail on us to her boyfriend which we haven't really know (but I already met him, though I already forgotten his face and name.) or take someone with her (like her annoying cousin or friends we hardly know). Our meetings should be like a mini reunion cos we haven't seen each other for like years yet she bail on us. I got really sad last night, she told me she's moving to Hawaii. Hawaii's like thousand miles away, we hardly see each other or be with each other and now she's going away for good. She just told me last night were she was already doing her papers. Anne's last months are being counted. :(

Another friend of my is *Nana, Nana's an excellent student. She's smart, punk-ish, creative, open, and a musician. she' like my best friend for years now, and I can't even believe when she break the news that she's pregnant. For all of my best friends, she's the leas I expected to be pregnant!! She's so tomboy on our High school years yet she got pregnant! I was so shock I wanted to yell at her. But even if I yelled at her, nothing will change, her baby s still on the way. Nana gave birth last June 2010, to a baby girl. Comparing to Pap's life, Nana's life is more perfect. Nana's family are very supportive and also Nana's boyfriend's family. (I'm not saying that Pap's life is a wreck now, I'm just saying that Nana's still on the middle of High class and Middle class, and Pap's on the edge of Middle class.). BTW, Nana got pregnant on her college days which was last 2009.

Have you ever lost a best friend? Not literally,but emotionally and spiritually? Gosh, I've lost three of them, and maybe tomorrow it'll be five or more. I wish even we have this very hard challenges, our friendship is still there. They've been floating away from me, and I always tried my best to bring them back, and hey, they're are my life long best friends anyway.
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22-25, F
Aug 6, 2010