Your Mad At Me... Why?

So today the chick that 'hates' me freaked out on me! She was saying how i wasnt talkin to her and that she was texting me and i wouldnt answer her. Well... i cant. I have a piece of crap phone that deals with putting minutes on my phone. I have very little left and i need to save it for my dad for when he calls. Anyway, i told her that she made me mad cuz she said that i shouldnt give into peer pressure. And i told her it ticked me off. And she is like well you shouldnt. After that we talked somemore and she was mad and told me not to talk to her and i just respected that. So next class i had P.E. with her and it was ok. She didnt talk to me. So i was like ok. She is mad at me... well my 2 friends that i have told me that she said that she was mad at me because i wouldnt talk to her. I was really suprised that she said that though. Anyways, this chick was going up (i was playing badmitten) so i went to go tell her the girl that it was her turn. Well her partner was gone and the girl that hates me told me in a very rude way that her partner was gone. So i just calmly told the girl that to just pick another partner. And i walked off. She is still mad at me. I try not to let it get to me. :)
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1 Response Feb 22, 2012

Well that's good of you :)

Well thanks. I don't talk to her anymore. She still hates my guts but that is ok because I have moved on. :)