Lesson Learned

Two years ago I had a great life : perfect boyfriend, trustworthy friends and everything a young girl of age 20 could want. I was always surrounded by friends and I felt that I can really trust them so it was not a problem for me to forgive and forget. My boyfriend and I were a part of the  same circle of friends, and  before we started our relationship everyone of them told us that we should try. So we did...I believed we will get support we need from them but I was wrong. My best friend whom I trusted the most started complaining how I spend too much time with my boyfriend and that I don't have time for him anymore. I was confused, because most of the time I was out with my boyfriend, he and the others were there too. I tired to fix the situation so I went out with him as often I could. Then, my boyfriend decided to end his friendship with one of our girl friends and when I asked why, he said that she was not a good friend and that he can't trust her anymore. I never doubted his decisions so I supported him. She was sad and she wanted explanation, but he never gave her one, telling me that she knows the real reason. I think he realized some stuff before I did. Some months passed and we stayed friends even though he didn't want to talk to her. One day, we went to swimming pool and she decided to break up with her boyfriend without any reasons possible. I went to talk to her and found her sitting with my best friend. As I approached I saw her crying and they were whispering. When I came and  asked why is she crying they told me that it is because she ended her relationship. I don't know was I blind but I believed everything they told me, thinking : there is my best friend, he won't lie to me. After a month and after they spent every day together, he called me telling me that the company decided to end every contact with her. I was confused and I told him : You can do anything you want but I don't have a reason to end our friendship and I wont. Next day as we were walking home my best friend told me the whole truth with the explanation : How couldn't you see what was happening in front of your eyes. Sometimes you are really stupid. I will never forget that sentence. She was in love with my boyfriend, she wanted to be with him, hating me, telling our friends how I don't deserve him and how they are perfect couple. The day she cried on swimming pool was because of him and it hurt her to see us together. I was shocked and I couldn't believe everyone knew that except me and the worst thing no one wanted to tell me  and they supported her. I talked to my boyfriend and he told me that the main reason he didn't want to talk to her was that, because he felt that she wanted more from him than friendship. I never talked to her again. Even though my friends told me that they don't want to see her again and that she did bad things to them too, today they are all friends. One by one they betrayed me and thank God I have my boyfriend who stood by me. We are still together and if it wasn't for him I would be lost today. I don't trust people anymore and I don't have desire to make new friends.I gave them too many chances and nothing changed. They lie, hurt me and talk behind my back. I asked myself how could they forgive her the things she done to them and how can they sit together and then I realized that they belong together. They are the same,living on other people misery. Even today, they hate to see me happy, but I have a strong relationship and I trust my boyfriend, so nothing and no one can hurt us. Maybe I have lost " friends " but I learned a valuable lesson and I wont make the same mistakes again.
P.S. Sorry for my grammar, I am not native speaker ... Just wanted to share half of my story with someone :D Thank you 
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1 Response May 19, 2012

WOW! that sucks, so it sounds like they werent ur best friends, if i was in there shoes i would have told u about whatever they were talking about u. I just think its stupid that people that r ur friends talk behind ur back its just wrong, thats good that u and ur bf r still together. Its easy for someone to get jealous seeing there best friend be happy but if they dont like that then there not a friend. A friend is supportive, honest and respectfully. I know now and days u cant really trust people, it sucks but thats life i guess.