Yeah, My Best Friends, My Dogs...

Yeah, my best friends, my dogs, keep getting shot by inbred, redneck neighbors.
kdenn kdenn
46-50, F
2 Responses Apr 25, 2007

It is completely unacceptable behavior. I dont know where you live but a child being shot by any kind of gun is a crime its also a crime to shoot your windshield. The police should be notified and a report filed. Unless your animals are on their property and causing damage they have no right to harm them. If the police refuse to help with the pet issue, contact your local humane society, they surely can get something done.

You don't live in my neighborhood, do you? The inbred rednecks next door to me killed my cat on Easter and have shot BBs, thrown knives and shot arrows at my dogs (AND shot my daughter with a BB gun). Then, they shot my car's windshield. The law here seems to be unconcerned. Gotta' love it.