I Still Miss Her

Only a true friend drives miles out of her way to see you, an hour or two before you would be meeting up, just to have more time together. I had a friend, so many years ago, who made such a profound impact on me, though we only had about three years of friendship before she died.

We had a few classes and lab together at the community college where we met. Between classes we would go down the street to the pizza parlor, pool our money, and get a large combo with ham, on a thick crust. It was a wonderfully indulgent escape from all our responsibilities.

She got her certificate in computer operations. She got a good-paying job with a prominent local company. I got a call one day from her husband, and was hit with the terrifying news that something had happened.

It was a late night car crash that took her away from all of us whose lives she touched. I had never seen such a packed crowd at a funeral. Twenty years later, I still miss her.
FeelingOrange FeelingOrange
46-50, F
Sep 9, 2012