I'm No Longer Friends With...

I'm no longer friends with two of the people who were my best friends for for the past 3 or 4 years.  One of our best friends became ill and those two friends ditched her because of it.  They gave me some lame excuse that the way they are helping her is by doing nothing, when in actualy fact it was making her feel worse.  After talking to one of those girls i realised that they weren't my friends.  They turned their back on someone who really needed them, what would they do if i was in the same position?  When i needed them they distanced themselves from me, not wanting anything to do with my problem, which made me feel really bad and made my problem worse.  I hate them for what they did to my friend, because i did what any good friend should do, i dropped all my problems in order to help my friends, whereas they ignored her.  I don't understand how they could do that.
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2007

i CANNOT BELIEVE THE LACK OF RESPONSE YOU GOT TO YOUR LETTER OVER MORE THAN 4 YEARS!! BUt you must be very relieved by now that you did the right thing..Good 4 U!!

Sometimes people are to scared of illness to be around someone who has one. You showed great strength of character by sticking by your friend even when that meant leaving your other two. I understand how hard it is to discover who is, and isn't, a true friend though.