12 Hour Plane Ride

We met when we were 5, I think. We went to the same montessori school, and we became as close as kids that age can be. I had my first sleep over at her house- I remember at dinner that night we had pork chops or something, and I asked if they prayed, and they said no, but we prayed anyways even though I didn't because they thought I did. We loved Lisa Frank and Girl's Life magazine, and were always together until she had to go to a new school in second grade- but we still were as close, even though I had no idea who all the boys she talked about were. We grew up together. I remember perfume fights with her brother (who I had a crush on, never admitted that) and his friends which always ended in me being sprayed in the eyes. Once her dad built us a tree house, and we painted it. Later she made me jump out of it, which was horrible. And then she moved to Australia. Not completely out of the blue, her dad was born there and his business was failing, but we stopped talking.

And then she came back. And she decided I wasn't worth knowing anymore.

scarletcrayon scarletcrayon
18-21, F
Jan 1, 2007