It's a Good Thing.

There are two people that i was friends with throught last year, they were my best friends and they meant everything to me.  But this year everything has gone completely wrong.  We're drifting apart, so much so i think we're beyond repair.  But today things went completely to pot and i cried properly for the first time in months.  At first i wasn't too bothered about losing them, i have new friends who make me smile everyday, but at the back of my head there was always the fact that we had been best friends for so long and that i will miss them; but right now i feel like the one who's going to walk away from it, not them.  I think the crying got that part at the back of my mind out my system, they made me feel like this, i've felt so bad about myself recently and it's only when it's with them. 

Sometimes losings your friends can be a good or bad thing.  But when your 'best friends' plan everything without you, like trips to Birmingham to concerts i'm more inclined to say it's a good thing. 

'Goodbye; i'm better off without you.'

denialsworld denialsworld
18-21, F
Jun 11, 2007