Lost a Part of Me

About a year ago me and my best friend of now 8 years called it quites on our relationship and after that our friends choose sides. the guys choose his and the girls choose mine. We never asked them to do that or wanted them to but they did. Our gang went through thick and thin before we got together but after we broke it of and called it friends ha our friends showed their true colors. After 4 years of our gang being tight it was ended. No more late night chats or move nights. no more weekends on the lake or camping out. At first i was pissed as hell and so was he we tried our hardest to get the gang back on track but it was worthless. the guys said i did him wrong and the girls said he did me wrong. Which niether was true we just didnt care for each other the way we use to we had turned back in to friends over time. And we were fine with that. but our friends weren't. After a year of only having half of the group to hang with the other part started talking back to us. Wanting to be friends again. Which i was fine with but i didnt trust em. So they have to gain my trust back. After 2 days of talking with the guys they offered for me to go hang and shoot pool i was all for it but my ex would be there and that was a mess i wasnt ready to deal with. i knew the gang who try somethign to get us two alone to talk. I mean yea we see each other and will say hi and ask how everythings been but thats it. We keep goin we dont go out of our way to talk or hang. I'm married now and i love my husband i know that if i start hangin with the guys and guhs of the crew together he will be there and i dont want that to come in between me and my husband. Is it wrong to look at it that way? Or am i doing the right thing? Cause yet again the guys are saying I'm the *****. But yet my ex understand because he gets it from his g/f if they see me and he says hi. Yes we are friends but for a moment in our friendship we had something so it makes it hard for our spouses to be ok with it.

browneyegirl89 browneyegirl89
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2009