Were Did My Best Friend Go?

6th grade.

New School, new year, new people. And She was one of them.

We lived near each other and had alot of the same classes. Hung out everyday after school and spent all holidays together.

The memories we had together could fill up 3 of these pages. We cried together, laughed together, everything.

Our sophmore year of high school I had to live with my dad, my father made me change schools (was only 10 minutes from my old school so it was ok), and I was no longer allowed to see no one i grew up with including my best friend. We drifted apart after that. And even when I turned 18 and moved back in with my mom things were never the same. We hung out sometimes, but never shared thoughts and feelings like we use to. Some of my best memories growing up she was apart of.

Now I have no best friend. No friends actually (Moved 3 hours from there, and work so much have no time to meet new people) 

From time to time I stumble upon her facebook, looking at her new life that i know nothing about. Makes me sad. Sometimes I try and reach out, but nothing goes over hey how are things?

CurlyQ18042 CurlyQ18042
18-21, F
Feb 23, 2010