It Was Gone.

It's long but I hope you appreciate it! All comments are welcomed. (:


It just so happened that I met him through my other bestfriend, Mae. Mae and I are quite close. We tell eachother almost everything and she was there for the significant and lowest points of my life. Anyway, story is, Mae moved to another place, and moved school as well. During the first week, she met this guy, Carter. Since Mae moved, her mother decided that they have a house-warming and invited guests to their party. Being her bestfriend, I was invited. Carter was too. It was so awkward how we met, actually. He came and Mae was like, oh, Justin- Carter, Carter- Justin and left to attend her other guests. We were quiet at first but then started talking. It was that day that we became friends, same day as the thanksgiving. Anyway, I invited him to our halloween party. And that was the first time we chilled. He slept over 2 days in a row and those were the times we started getting to know each other. Anyway, it was after that party, that we started talking everyday and chill every week. Since we chill every week, I got to know him like he was my real brother. Trust was apparent and the relationship was as if we were actually brothers! Anyway, we even each other out. He was buff and I was skinny. He suggested that we should hit the gym together so that I get some muscles. Anyway, being the nerd that I am, I offered him help with anything, math, english and whatever. He met my family, and I met his. Our parent's approval was there. So one day, he slept over, we were talking about drugs. He told me he has done it. I cared for him so much I made him promise that he will never do it again. He promised, and gave me his stack of weed since I know myself and I know I'll never do it. Anyway, our friendship was going great until one day, he was asking for his stack of weed. I was testing him whether or not he will, since he promised. He took it, and smoked it in front of me. I was very much disgusted. I was talking to my girl and told her about the whole incident. I ranted. It was until my girl called my mom and told her that I've been slacking off (to chill with him and whatnot), and that I've changed. She then told my mom that my bestfriend does weed. This has further made my mom take action. She called his mom and told her the truth. However my mom was surprised to what she heared from his mom. She told my mom that my bestfriend told his mom that I was the one doing the weed, and was giving him his supply of weed, and made him do it, when it was the opposite. I even stopped him from godsake! Anyway, after I learned that, I talked to him, because we had a deal. That if you're upset, you have to tell the other why you are. I told him that and he denied it. I listened to him and shrugged it off. Few weeks, I met his soon to be girlfriend. She was nice. It was until I found out that she liked me. This has further gotten him upset and ultimately led him to be jealous of me. I never pulled a move on her because Im not the type to steal my bestfriend's girl. So I decided to be friends with her. But for him, me and his girl's friendship meant something else. He got jealous and started talking bad about me to his other friends. I found out the truth and stopped talking to him.

Now, when I talk to him, he makes his point clear. He doesnt give a **** about me and that our friendship meant NOTHING.

and he tells me he's gonna do weed because our promise doesnt exist cause we're not friends.

Anyway, after giving up everything for this guy, I've decided it's time for me to move on and surround myself with positive energy.


And now, the term bestfriend is  nonexistent. He made it clear that people are wired to betray their friends someway, somehow..

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This caption "i lost friends" captured my attention for several reasons. But mainly, I wanted to read and see who else lost friends besides me. My story is a bit different, but nonetheless what you said at the end is absolutely true, people are wired to betray....even deep friendships, male or female, it is just that way....I am quite a bit older than you, a Mom and Grandmother, but I still feel the sting of losing 5 good girlfriends from way way back in 9th grade....amazing huh? that one can think about things after all these years....but I believe the circumstances is what has made it memorable for me rather than the people that I was betrayed my case, it was because of my life's circumstances, being from a poor family, not being able to truly act as a teen and do the kinds of things these girls were wanting to do....nothing elaborate or wild, just spend the night at each others see, I couldn't do that in my family, I had no bedroom, and had a ghastly family that was in the habit of spewing curse words at the drop of a I lost these friends simply because I meekly half told the truth and half lied....I said no one was allowed over my house, which was the truth, but I failed to tell them I didn't have a bedroom and I slept on the the same room, my brother slept with a pull out cot......these girls just ditched me, and wouldn't even speak to me in the lunchroom, so i spent the next few months hanging out in the girls bathroom till the lunch bell rung and we went back to class. It was a time in my life I will never forget, and it always comes up during times in my life when I am stressed or feeling sad....I suggest that you quickly surround yourself with some new friends, always understanding that friendship is fragile, and be ready to lose a few along the road of life...people change, events change and we can't always be the same happy, be a person who involves yourself in as many activities as possible, so that when and if one friendship goes sour, you have others to get you through it......also, make sure you have mixed friends, meaning, not all of them are in the same places......spread them are much too young to let this worry you, hopefully 38 years later, it won't haunt you....I had known some of the girls that I lost as friends since 3rd grade, so it really stayed with me as you can tell...don't let that happen to you....let it be a forgotten memory.....good luck