I Lost Her..

During all these year i desperately wanted to fall in love with someone but i couldn't fine anyone. She was my good  or only one girl that used to be my friend. though i never felt like this but When i left the college i felt the thing that i miss most in my life is she. Though we talked with each other by sms and mails and She also miss me as she used to say. But i missed her badly and felt that there is something more going inside me about her. I was unable to keep that inside me and decided to tell her what i feel about her. But it was too hard for me. One day i came to know that she is committed with someone else. I had some feelings that she also feel the same the way i do but that was shocking for me. I told her how i feel about her and didn't wait for the answer.

I did know that after this we can't be friends as the way we used to be but i had too do this and finally i lost her....

tarahs tarahs
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2010

Next time you find a love, or a friend, let her know every month how you feel, Maybe that is what your old girlfriend needed to hear and you waited to long. While you are dating, show her by your presense, attention to detail, and suggestions that you are willing to share your suggestion with her.