To Be Or Not To Be

Will it all end? what if it does? will you be ready to say goodbye to it all? As the moment arrives will it really matter? I mean what is the purpose of it all to begin with? To die right? We are borne to die. All we do is keep ourselves busy for the moment of inevitability.
The irony of the fact is that we come into this world from a dark confined place inside the mother's womb and leave this world in a dark confined place under the ground and yet we spend all our lives avoiding all dark confined places.
Truth of the fact is that it really does not matter. If a tree falls in the forest and I am not there to hear...oh well you know how that goes.
does God exist? I don't know....but if he does, he sure has a sick sense of humor. I mean look at the world! do you really want bring a child to this world? Muslim fighting Christian, KKK fighting the black, Jew fighting gentile and above it all we just watch it on the news sipping on our coffee saying shame..shame...
What would this world be without you? Do you matter? if you were gone who would remember you? would you really care if they do?
I no longer do.
ApplePie1234 ApplePie1234
41-45, M
Sep 13, 2012