And Then He Was Gone!!!

Im a young yet confident guy,Well i was once but wasnt we all,Heres my story,Some may not like it some may realise what they got and hold it close as when its gone its gone!!!!

I met this charming funny guy a little over 2 years ago and yes it was through a dreaded chat site,The one thing i thourght i would never try in the hopes of finding love,But if your prepared to look and search for love you find it once in a while,After several months of talking and chatting and being in regular contact it was time to take the plunge!!! I booked a flight and flew over 4000miles away to a country i never walked or explored to meet my love,Not knowing if he would show or if he was the guy i knew,It turned out he took the chance also meeting at the Airport as promised and i knew i had found what i wanted and needed in my life so very much!!! Maybe a soul mate,I stayed in his country for a little over a week it was wonderful,yes he was older but whats age when it comes to love to me its just a number,At the end of my stay at the airport we made a promise we where in love and wanted each other in our lifes,And that we would wait for each other,We started talking chatting calling each other up every day it would seem nothing could stop us no one on earth,I planned a second trip the following Febuary but this time staying for a month,However as the snow fell the Airports came to a stand still,But we kept strong and lived in hopes,The day came March the 1st the Airport was running once more and i was on the flight,I landed in the states and there he was my guy my love,As the first few days went on we decided thats it we wanted to be with each other so,so much more, we entered a civil union the second week,following me proposing the first day back with him and filed for papers for him to obtain a passport,Again the time came a month seemed to go by so fast,The day i was to fly,Must of been a miracle that the transport was delayed as a result i missed the flight and resceduled for the next day,1 whole day more,And then it was gone!!! Time to go,I flew back home alone crying every mile i flew i was wanting to stay but knew it wasnt the rite way,Back home we talked chatted and made plans had dreams and hopes,And most of all it upset us so so much more the days we where apart,He got his Passport and was due to fly to me for a period,However my guy,my love got into a spot of bother with the law,Got arested and was waiting the outcome,So i knew what i had to do i was gonna have to fly to my man to be with him at his hour of need once more,I booked a flight boarding the plain uncertain of what was to come,I Landed in my connecting airport something was on my mind telling me i made a horrible descission chooseing this Airport,I Had never flew this route before? And then my fears where made clear i was refused entry suspected of illegal immigration when i had a return ticket in my possesion and was only staying for the trial a month period!!! Guess they couldnt grasp the fact that i had annual leave to use up and also had a wonderful job that allowed me to travel regular,Back home my ordeal was hell,We spoke the few days we did have,Until the day come the trial!!! Where my guy was taken away to serve 2 years for a dumn driving offence,At first we made promises to hold on as we wouldnt let nothing stop us and our dreams,We exchanged letters i still write i still dream,But my guy doesnt write letters and i dont think he dreams anymore,As he as wrote he would like to let me go and live a life instead of waiting for him wasting the life i have,But still i wait write dream in the hopes that one day my guy will realise this is just another path of which we must walk,Maybe one day he'll make contact and once again live instead of letting jail kill hm slowly,So here i am back in my home coutry 4000 miles away from my guy unable to go visit with him,Fighting the battle of his love and desires to let me live instead of wait on him,I mean i was on my own before i met my soul mate,And not forgetting the channels of obtaining some kind of visa just to be able to visit him hold his hand and tell him every thing is really going to be alrite!!!!!
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Its only to apparent that others do feel and live the pain of which i live,Thank you ever so much the words i hold so deer to my own,Also urging the plain to turn back around and not land in a very wet rainy and most certainly a lonely Airport with no where to smile and hold me in turn and tell me its all going to be O.K