Trust Was Absent.

Trust. A combination of five letters of the alphabet. Nothing much, just five letters put together to form a word. Yet it is a concept so big that a lot of people never get to grips with it. Some trust too easy, while others never do. Trust is something, once broken, that is never really fully restored. It can’t be bought, nor sold or even given. It is something earned, over time. Without it business won’t work. People go to war because of the lack of it. And most important, relationships can’t last.


It is then with sadness that I have to announce the end of a relationship that I thought was meant to be. It would seem that my past, and a lot of stories that did the rounds, stories that was proven untrue, sunk my little boat of joy. The detail might bore you to death, and I don’t want to go to any funerals, so with a breaking heart I shall say no more…

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Funny. I was often pilloried by my girlfriend for not trusting her - usually when I showed a little jealousy over some trivial contact between her and another male. I finally got my act together and learned to ignore those moments, I really did trust her. Then, when I was far away, I got the news - she was pregnant by another. It's now 45 years later. I still think about her. I never got over it and I kick myself for not trusting my instincts at the time. What a fool!

if trust is not present in any relationships, it is doomed from the start. it can never last long and can never be happy either.

Is trust importance or acceptance? Sometimes we have an illusion about who someone should be ba<x>sed on our own bias. Sometimes we pretend, fantasize, that someone is who we want them to be. When they turn out to be different, we feel we've been betrayed. The only thing you can do in a relationship is be clear about your own needs. Weigh whether that person fulfils your needs and if not, move on. It's very hard to be betrayed by another person unless you let them.

I have issues with trust, I have a very hard time trusting I think mostly because of my past. It is sad what trust issues can do to you, It can make you crazy <br />
I have been lied to and had things done behind my back so many times, I almost feel like I should do it before someone does it to me now. People lie and deceive so easily now a days you never know what to believe, it seems it became the American way. The sad thing is society has learned to accept wrong doings very easily. Therefore people don't feel as guilty about doing something or someone wrong. It's becoming to be a sad world we live in, I'm glad I'm 52 and hopefully won't be here to see what this world is like when the next few generations take over. Gezzzz a perfect example and I'm sure I'm going to catch he** for this one but here goes it is only my opinion. Look how our government crammed gay and lesbian down our throat. Shoot they have it on TV. Some city municipal buildings even have a rainbow flag flying for the gay and lesbians. Sorry but this is not normal in any way shape or form, I don't know what our Governments reasons were for accepting this so easily, it is just wrong. Boy did I get side tracked LOL. Have a great day !

Yes they did, cause they are my feelings exactly. Thanks for the support.

Without trust there can't even be a real friendship, much less a relationship.<br />
<br />
Sorry for your pain, but I congratulate you on finding the truth before wasting to much of your life.<br />
To often we find untrustworthiness in someone after we have wasted much of our lives trusting them.<br />
Thus scaring our ability to trust someone else anytime soon.<br />
<br />
My words seem a bit jumbled it seems. Sorry for that. : )<br />
Hope they atleast made some kind of sense to you. : )

Some you win, some you lose, and yet others you never have.

Come to me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you. Mt. 12:28 <br />
<br />
O Lord, how precious is your love. My God, the children of the earth find refuge in the shelter of your wings. Ps. 36:8 <br />
<br />
We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. 1 Jn. 4:16-17

It will return, keep the faith and continue to trust. It is worth the wait, every second that feels like a century.

As with all other things in life I'll simply "get up, get over it, and get going"

It is always hard when something ends try to learn what you can from this experience and apply it to the next. feel better.