I Need Help

I was induced for labor Jan 22 and I was so excited.  I gave birth to a little girl but she had no muscle.  We had to take her off life support and now I want to die just so I can see her again.  I need help.  Please someone talk to me.
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"I want to die just so I can see her"<br />
<br />
My situation is different and this story is older, but I know this feeling. So well.

I can't imagine a greater pain than losing a child. My first born had to be sent to a neonatal intensive care unit, but we were lucky.<br />
Know that your daughter's soul is at peace, While you may never understand why, there was a reason she enter your life so briefly. It may have been an experience her soui desired.<br />
You will get through this and come out the other side. God bless.